Frequently Asked Questions +

What are reparations, and how do they work? 

Black people deserve reparations. This is not up for discussion. We built these institutions and this economy, this nation itself—while access to it was denied. Deliberate, systematic inequality has created a massive wealth gap, with far fewer opportunities for upward economic mobility. Here’s a chance for you to make amends. Various donations receive reparations from non-black people are given directly to the local black community to foster financial security and healing. 



•Where are my reparations? 

Reparations are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and based on economic need. We distribute reparations weekly. If funds are available, we send out a collective 6k weekly to the local black community.


•I didn’t get my reparations, what should I do? 

You didn’t receive your funds!? That can be pretty unsettling. All approved requests are evaluated and sent out as soon (and as much) as possible.


If you haven’t received reparations, here are some reasons why: 


  1. You are a non-black person.

  2. You are a black person, but you do not live in Tucson. 

  3. You falsely represented other parts of your identity, and your request requires further investigation. If this is the case, a representative will be in touch. 

  4. We haven’t made it to your request yet.


•Why does my gender/sexuality matter? 

Black LGBTQIA+ people are disproportionately (click here for information) under-supported and violated in our country. We do take this into deep consideration when we are distributing financial support. 


•Can I request for someone else to receive reparations? 

Yes, absolutely! However, there may be further questioning before approving your request for this person. If this is the case, a representative will be in touch to assist you further.


•How often can I request? 

Once you have received payment, you can send another request. Pretty cool, right!? We think so too. 





•What is the best way to receive/donate funds? 

Using the link on this fantastic website (found on our homepage). 

-Venmo: @tucsonreparations

-CashApp:  $tucsonreparations



-Write a check and reach out via


•How do I spread the word about Tucson Reparations? 

Please spread the word. You can do this by sharing our excellent website and mention 

us on Instagram



•I want to do a fundraiser for Tucson Reparations. What are the steps? 

Send us an email @: , we’d love to help you out! 



•I want to share that I donated to Tucson Reparations. Can I do that? 

Thanks for the donation! We prefer that you donate from a place that doesn’t decenter the intention of our program by centering your whiteness, proximity to whiteness, and privilege.

We appreciate you centering Black voices by resisting the urge to celebrate for your own personal affirmation.